Commercial Carpet Cleaners for Maintaining Government Buildings

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Government offices are bustling places where people come and go, day in and day out, for different purposes. With high traffic, the carpeted areas in government buildings can get dull and grimy very fast. For this reason, you cannot afford to continue using traditional carpet cleaning techniques. You need to be equipped with powerful and technologically advanced carpet cleaners.

When it comes to maintaining carpets in government buildings, the carpet shampooing systems you choose must be reliable, efficient and highly durable. They must also be easy to operate and present no safety hazards. More importantly, the carpet cleaning unit must deep clean carpets and ensure that the carpets are available for use within a few hours. For these reasons, you must definitely check out the carpet cleaning systems from reputable suppliers.

Excellent Cleaning Capabilities
Carpet cleaners utilize the power of super-hot water to leave carpets cleaner than ever before. The extremely hot water instantly dissolves tough deposits such as mud and other stubborn stains. The proven extraction functions completely eliminate all traces of dust, dirt, dust mites, food particles and germs from carpets. Advanced versions enable you to adjust temperatures so that you can set the right temperature for different carpet types. These versatile carpet cleaners also feature an array of accessories to help in other cleaning functions such as detailing vehicle interiors and maintaining upholstery.

The Amazing Low Flow Technology
Carpet cleaners are also empowered with the low flow function that helps cut down the quantity of water used for maintaining carpets. Low water consumption implies faster drying rates. While carpets that have been washed the traditional way require at least 24 hours drying out, low flow carpet shampooing systems help carpets be dry and ready for use in just 1 - 6 hours. Cold water based carpet shampooer machines leave carpets dry in 6 hours, heated versions need as little as 2 hours.

Since government offices remain open for the public for extended hours, the carpets in these areas must be maintained with  powerful commercial carpet cleaners and made available for use as soon as possible. For this reason, maintenance professionals always use low flow carpet extractors to maintain government buildings. Such carpet cleaning equipment is durable, fast, and will remove tough dirt and stains quickly.

By attaining high temperatures of about 210ºF, carpet cleaning systems help clean, deodorize and sanitize carpeted areas. A carpet shampooer that features a solution tank capable of holding 17 gallons of water allows maintenance professionals to work continuously for hours without refilling water. Carpet cleaning equipment featuring huge extraction tanks of 15 gallons capacity also eliminate constantly needing to empty the tank. Since hot steam ejected by these carpet extractors offer superior cleaning results, you can avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals for dissolving stains.

Low flow carpet cleaners are thus the best machines you can probably have to maintain vast carpeted areas. You are sure to be amazed by how easy it is to maintain carpets with these carpet shampooing systems.


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