Commercial Carpet Cleaners for Removing Stains from Car Upholstery

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Car upholstery stains happen easily and frequently, and one requires the best commercial carpet cleaners to remove stains and odors from carpets and upholstery. Car seats, floor rugs, cushions, and other upholstery inside the vehicle should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent fungal growth, odors, and pest infestation. The best option is to purchase a commercial carpet cleaner with a high pressure level and suction power. These machines are made for commercial use, and they offer several advantages over low-end carpet cleaning machines:

  • Commercial carpet cleaners are more durable, work long hours, do not require frequent breaks, and have built in safety features not found in cheaper, less advanced machines.
  • Commercial carpet cleaners are more powerful, with higher temperatures. Some machines attain temperature levels of 210°F. Machines that do not have heating devices are often able to use pre-heated water for cleaning carpets but do not have the capability of heating water on their own.
  • Commercial carpet cleaners should be low flow machines, requiring little water. This is a very essential feature of car wash equipment, particularly mobile car washes. There are many restrictions on the use of water for car washing, and when working on client location, using too much water could lead to problems such as water disposal costs, runoffs, and client dissatisfaction.
  • Commercial carpet cleaners facilitate faster drying, as they use a minimal amount of water needed for cleaning. Powerful suction removes most moisture from carpets which is a particularly useful feature for carpet extractors used for car washing, as the interiors of cars do not always receive enough ventilation for quick drying.

Carpet Extractors — Selecting the Best
Rug cleaners are used for cleaning floor upholstery and car seats. These machines should ideally have shorter nozzles than regular carpet cleaners. This ensures more efficient cleaning within the limited space inside the vehicle. Nozzles made of stainless steel are more durable and resistant to corrosion brought about by water and chemicals.

Many rug cleaners cannot heat water; this is not an issue as long as you are not cleaning heavily soiled carpets. Some carpet extractors may use water as hot as 140°F even if they do not contain heating devices. This works by pouring pre-heated water into the water chamber of the machine.

Pump pressure is an important indicator of machine power. Commercial carpet cleaner equipment have pump pressure level as high as 500 psi. These machines also contain larger solution and extraction tanks, which enable longer operating time. Water lift of 100 inches and air flow of 100 100 cfm, indicate high suction and cleaning power.

Hose length is another important factor when selecting carpet cleaning machines. If the hose is too long, it tends to tangle, and if too short, it forces the operator to constantly reposition the entire machine, which is an unproductive process when cleaning large vehicle fleets. An average hose length of 20 feet is preferred for smaller car washes. High end carpet cleaner machines may have total hose lengths of 100 feet, which can be sectioned into smaller lengths for cleaning in smaller spaces. Choose carpet cleaner equipment with care; good quality rug cleaners last for years and offer efficient, hassle free service.


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