Case study - Commercial nuclear power plants decontamination


Courtesy of KT Chemicals, Inc.

Customers Include:

  • Nuclear Power Plants: Perry, Ontario Power Generation, Peach Bottom, Savanna River, etc.
  • Service/Product Providers: Alaron, RADeco, UniTech

Applications Include:

  • Decontamination of waxed concrete and painted diamond plate, with DFs of 100 percent in a single pass on surfaces with 100-200k dpm/100 cm2 Co-60.
  • Excellent DFs on the lifting strongbacks that are used to remove reactor internals for refueling.
  • Removal of Alpha beta emitting particles.
  • Final clean-up of asbestos.
  • Heat exchanger leak contamination clean-up.
  • Approved for Department of Energy’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Transuranic Waste Disposal facility located in the Chihuahuan Desert, outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico.
  • Approved for disposal at low level radioactive waste site – Clive Site in Utah
  • Approved for incineration at US commercial low level waste facility – Energy Solution’s incineration facility in Bear Creek, TN.
  • Approved for use at various US commercial sites.
  • GE Nuclear – accepted for use. Completion of the necessary chemical composition testing for DeconGel to be approved for use on GE Nuclear systems and their facilities and DeconGel is being included in the GE Redbook (GE manual for processes and procedures).

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