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Commercial SWRO Machine, Philippines

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In April 2013, Pure Aqua successfully manufactured and supplied a commercial SWRO machine to a major company in the Philippines. The machine came complete with an advanced microprocessor control along with pretreatments consisting of a multimedia filter and an antiscalant dosing system. The SW-1.3K-425 machine was designed to produce 1,300 GPD at a maximum 37,000 PPM feed water TDS. The machine was selected from our SWC Series. From its initial start-up, the machine has been operating accordingly with minimal trouble-shooting.

Seawater reverse osmosis is a very well-known technology that involves removing large quantities of salt, solids, and other disassociated species from highly non-consumable water sources such as the sea. A high pressure pump is tasked with combatting the osmotic pressure of a natural process called “Osmosis”. Osmosis naturally moves salt through a very fine membrane from an area having low saline concentration to an area having high saline concentration. Its objective is to achieve an equilibrium of saline concentration on both sides of the membrane. Seawater reverse osmosis comes in to flip this process. In the beginning, seawater is moved through several pre-filters to eliminate particles and solids from the water. Then the water continues into a water softener tank to remove hardness that can expose the membranes within the machine to damage. Lastly, the water is moved into the seawater RO machine where a semipermeable membrane removes solids and particles that the pre-filters bypassed. The membrane blocks salts, solids, and other contaminants and lets only water to pass through. Finally, fresh, potable water emerges and is collected on the permeate side while salt, solids, and other contaminants are discharged into the drain from the concentrate side.

System Overview

Location : Philippines
End-User : A major company
Objective : To lower the TDS
Water Source : Seawater beach well
Feed TDS : 37,000 PPM
Capacity : 1,300 GPD
Pretreatment : Multimedia filter & an antiscalant dosing system
Instruments : Flow meters, conductivity meter, pressure gauges, and low & high pressure switches
Control System : Microprocessor control panel

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