Commercial Varennes, Québec (Canada)


Courtesy of Enerkem

Status: Under development

Feedstock: Sorted industrial, commercial and institutional waste

Planned Product: Cellulosic Ethanol

Expected Capacity: 38 million litres/ 10 million gallons per year

Enerkem and GreenField Ethanol are planning to build Québec's first full-scale cellulosic ethanol facility.

The facility will be built and operated by Varennes Cellulosic Ethanol L.P., a joint venture formed by Enerkem Inc. and GreenField Ethanol Inc. It will be located in Varennes, Québec (near Montréal), next to GreenField Ethanol's current first-generation biofuels facility.

The Varennes facility will use Enerkem's proprietary technology to produce cellulosic ethanol from non-recyclable waste from institutional, commercial and industrial sectors as well as construction and demolition debris.

The Government of Québec plans to inject $27 million in this project through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife and Investissement Québec.

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