Commercial wastewater treatment solutions

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Neatport PTY LTD, A.B.N. 62 063 770 534 is a registered company in Queensland, Australia, trading as Suncoast Waste Water Management (SWWM) which has been a registered business since 1983 manufacturing the ‘OZZI KLEEN’ range of wastewater treatment solutions for both domestic household, marine, and commercial applications.

As the team behind the Ozzi Kleen product range, we strives to engineer, produce and maintain the highest level of quality not only for the pride we take in delivering reliable environmentally sustainable products, but even more for the satisfaction of every proud Ozzi Kleen owner.

Many people today dictate that Australia and communities across the world need to save and recycle water, but as a manufacturer we actually have the ability to not only tell the world they should be reusing and recycling their wastewater, but offer them simple solutions to do so!

After more than thirty-seven years experience working in the wastewater industry, Mal Close the owner, the designer and manufacturer of the Ozzi Kleen range of treatment systems, was convinced there was a better way of managing wastewater for reuse. Prototypes were first built in the 1980’s and after rigorous testing and development a range of Ozzi Kleen products were released onto the market.

The trusted Ozzi Kleen Sewage Treatment System we have been manufacturing for decades offers you as a home owner an endless supply of nutrient rich water to safely reuse on your property for watering gardens, lawns and trees.

Our commitment to providing the best water and wastewater solutions to the Australian market has continued to grow, with SWWM now also manufacturing Ozzi Kleen products such as the Marine Wastewater Treatment System and one of the first ever Domestic Greywater Treatment System for the urban environment. Typically on-site wastewater treatment has only been associated with homes not connected to the town sewerage infrastructure. SWWM has brought this concept into the homes of all Australians. With the Ozzi Kleen Greywater Treatment System (GTS10), homes on town sewerage can divert greywater for treatment and reuse. Ozzi Kleen product range provides for a wide range of industries Australia wide.

Our products include:
> Domestic Wastewater Treatment System
> Greywater Treatment System
> Marine Wastewater Treatment System
> Underground Rainwater Tanks
> Commercial Wastewater Treatment System
> Transportable Treatment Plants
> Pump Stations & Screening Equipment
> Grease Traps

Commercial solutions:
Packaged solutions - These are normally built onsite using concrete tanks or poly tanks above or below ground to any specification. Most parts are generic and can easily be maintained by less experienced operators. These types of systems are normally constructed over 4 – 6 weeks and require local resources (manpower, cement, engineers, project managers etc) to be available at the site locations.

Containerised solutions – fully mobile, suitable for resorts, small communities, Islands, caravan parks, mine sites, emergency situations and construction sites. Systems are constructed in the factory under controlled conditions and tested before shipping. This means the plant should be “up and running” within a few hours of delivery if all other agreed infrastructure is already in place.

In building solutions – applicable for high rise and stand alone mixed residential developments. These applications can be constructed in basement car parks and are designed/specified during the master planning stage. Note: A retrofit system can be installed but space is usually the issue unless it replaces the existing system.

Suncoast Waste Water Management also designs and builds Membrane Treatment Systems.
1. Mining sites and camps
2. Caravan Parks
3. Remote island & coastal resorts locations
4. Schools & sporting Clubs

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