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Leading American coffee chain, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, knows the quality of the water - comprising 98% of each beverage’s ingredients - is critical to the taste of each drink they sell. Several regional water quality issues negatively impacted the business’ product and equipment, affecting the beverage maker’s bottom line: Inconsistent Feed Water Supply - Dually-sourced water full of municipal additives provided a lack of quality control in the final beverage product.


Brewing Equipment Life Shortened - Scale build-up shortened the equipment life of heating elements and valves, solenoids and reservoirs.

Salt Discharge Bans - Local municipalities banned traditional water softeners due to adverse environmental impacts of salt discharge.


To address the inconsistencies and unwanted additives in the retailer’s water supply and meet environmental standards, an innovative new water purification technology called HydroDI™ was installed at several CB locations. The HydroDI system employs a patented electro-deionization process to combine the benefits of scale and total dissolved solid reduction, resulting in better tasting, higher quality water. The highly efficient system protected the expensive brewing equipment from scale build-up and the environment from the elimination of brine discharge while improving the taste and overall quality of the retailer’s final product.


“I would estimate that we save 30 - 35% on our operating costs (detergent & chemicals) when we use treated water,” noted a CB &TL store manager, “plus, we are protecting the expensive brewing equipment.”

Higher purity ingredient water that is used in brewing our beverages allows CB&TL to consistently provide the highest quality product for their customers.

The HydroDI pays tribute to the company’s philosophy of providing the finest ingredients and flavors without impacting the environment.

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