Commonly Asked Questions About Calibration Gas

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Argus-Hazco's Becky Schneider answers the most commonly asked questions about calibration gas. The questions range from disposal and refilling protocol to shelf life to MSDS availability. Argus-Hazco offers a complete line of reactive and non-reactive gases in cylinder sizes that range from 17 to 221 liters. We have a large collection of common blends and we can also accommodate virtually any custom-blend request to satisfy the requirements of your specific application. We also offer compatible regulators for steel and aluminum cylinders in selectible, fixed and demand-flow settings. 

Q: What is the shelf life of a given calibration gas?

A: For most reactive gases, which are contained in aluminum cylinders, the shelf life is typically 12- 18 months. For most non-reactive gases, (usually contained in steel cylinders) the shelf life is normally 36-48 months. The gas with the shortest shelf life is Nitrogen Dioxide (six months). ArgusHazco labels the expiration dates of our cylinders. Keep in mind that with multiple blends, (like quad blends) we use the gas with the briefest shelf life as the expiration date for the entire cylinder. Something to keep in mind when purchasing calibration gas in quantity.

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