Communicating sustainability


Communicating sustainability

Continuing the conversation building loyalty and trust

Many companies report at a fixed point and then there is a lull in communication until the next reporting cycle, but smart communication can help engage and inform key stakeholder groups such as customers and employees.

Investment in sustainability should go beyond the report, moving to how it should be embedded into both internal and external communications to drive education, understanding and empowerment by both staff and customers.

There are lots of great examples of how leading sector companies that do this. They achieve this by listening and showing they have understood their stakeholders, having a continued dialogue encouraging customer and supplier loyalty and employees work harder to reach key milestones and functional objectives. 

Continue to show and communicate that your company values its customers, suppliers and respects their local environment. The new EU legislation highlights that a company should report on non financial matters , such as environmental, social and employee-related, human rights, anti-corruption and bribery matters , the output of which is a sustainability report.

This ticks the reporting responsibilities but why stop there? There is so much more mileage and ROI to gain from the initial investment. Communications should do the full 360 circle and not just understand but remind and reassure your stakeholders that you have listened and implemented a communications program to do just that.

Nicola Finn IMS Consulting Marketing Manager

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