Community`s Complaints about Odor Addressed with GTI Cover System

Courtesy of Geomembrane Technologies, an Evoqua brand

After years of operating successfully in the community, the City of Bridgeport’s WPCA developed an odor problem at its East Side Wastewater Treatment Plant. It was an exceptionally hot summer, and the plant’s expansion/refurbishment project had taken one-third of the treatment plant facilities out of ser vice. Equipment that was still in ser vice was old and near the end of its life. The plant was operating with a diminished air supply in its process air blowers, and a major user expanded their demand fotreatment ser vices. This significantly changed the characteristics othe wastewater received for treatment, which contributed to theodor problem.

A search was initiated for a cover system that allowed better tank access and a treatment system better suited to the dispersed odor sources. A solution was critical, but so were cost concerns. In an effort to meet both operating and cost requirements, the WPCA investigated various cover systems and chose a solution consisting of three different cover styles.

The WPCA chose a retractable, structurally supported cover system manufactured by Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) for the influent channel and primar y clarifiers. GTI’s structurally supported covers met the operational need for regular and unencumbered access to the tanks. They consist of durable, coated fabric tensioned over a series of low-profile aluminum arches which span each tank opening.

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