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MGK20 CNC grinder is an internal grinder which is specially manufactured to produce micro and mini disk parts and other small parts. Shenyang Hermos Machine Tool Co. is manufacturing MGK20 of Alzheimer CNC high-precision grinder, especially for micro and small parts machining and design. MGK20 CNC internal grinder is suitable for batch processing of high-precision parts, machining precision holes can be achieved. MGK20 CNC internal grinder processed workpiece diameter of 2 ~ 120mm, can be clamped cylindrical for 5-130mm.


Structural characteristics of MGK20 CNC internal grinder


The casting bed of MGK20 CNC Internal Grinders with senior polymer is produced with good thermal stability, high shock resistance characteristics. Using active-meter line detection processing size will easily ensure dimensional stability, and the dimensional precision passing rate is up to 100%. The use of power or acoustic emission sensors will achieve control grinding and dressing. Dressing cycles are automatically adjusted to ensure the consistency of the state of the wheel, automatic detection of wheel diameter to ensure the accuracy of wheel sizes, grinding feed rate is automatically adjusted to achieve the grinding force control to ensure stability and to improve the grinding state precision grinding consistency. Significantly reducing the rejection rate can be controlled within 0.5 ‰. When using acoustic emission sensors, hard turning machine, the CNC grinder is processing small parts within anti-collision function and high precision.


As the workpiece spindle frequency is using AC spindle, which has a light weight and torque characteristics, thus this will technically achieve good machine movement. Due to the small stroke machine, high speed and rigidity, there are built-in cooling system, cooling spindle, grinding spindle, linear drive system and electrical cabinet, therefore, the production process of China-Africa machining time is very short with high production efficiency and accurate form maintenance. In addition, the E-axis in a rotatable turret, the mandrel can also compensate the deflection of the grinding wheel.


Based on the above advantages, the MGK20 cnc lathe hard turning becomes the preferred product for small and high-precision parts. These components include: advanced fuel injection technology with tappet and valve, jet pump rollers and bushings, jet pumps and servo pump stator, cars with air conditioning, radial piston pumps and radial piston hydraulic motor, handle and lock the drive shaft inside and outside the ring, cylinder liner, and other gear.

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