Compact fragmentising machines for user-orientated solutions


Courtesy of MERCODOR GmbH Sondermaschinenbau KG

MERCODOR GmbH Sondermaschinenbau KG has been manufacturing custom-made fragmentising machines for volume reduction and recycling for 30 years. In particular, the compact design of the fragmentisers allows decentralised use under difficult local conditions.
Besides traditional areas of use, such as fragmenting production residues and waste in the form of wood, paper, glass, metal chips, food left-overs etc. from industrial and commercial applications, the single, double and quadruple shaft fragmentisers are preferred for use on board ships, in hotels, hospitals and catering kitchens.

The product range includes both stainless steel designs as well as customer-specific and application-specific special solutions. The module-like structure of the fragmentisers enables their customised incorporation into already existing systems and allows them to be combined with all popular delivery and discharge equipment.

The material is fed into the fragmentiser via a hopper on a rotating hexagonal shaft, onto which individual cutter disks are pushed that pull in and fragment the material. The cutting chamber sizes are from 115mm x 230mm to 1100mm x 750mm. Depending on the machine type and use, the machine speeds are between 8 and 70 rpm. The material is discharged either by dropping freely out of the bottom part of the machines or by suction removal by means of a pneumatic blower. Different sizes of sieves can optionally be used to set a particular grain size range. The construction of the machines allows easy maintenance and quick cutter blade changing.

The machines are fitted with a reversing controller to protect against problem materials. This switches off the machine in the event of an overload. A safety coupling is available as an optional feature. The PLC can be programmed to the customer’s specific requirements.
The quantity, width and shape of the cutter disks used and the blade quality etc. varies depending on the particular task. The shafts are driven by an electric motor via a gear unit, with the drive power being between 2.2 kW and 45 kW. A hydraulic drive is optionally available.

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