Compact sewage system offers trouble free operation


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The toilets, which are located directly beneath Southport’s tourist information centre, are open 24 hours, but not
attended at night. This has resulted in abuse of the drainage system, with drink cans and hypodermic needles regularly found in the sump.

The compressed air operated sewage ejector system previously installed beneath the toilets, could not cope with this abuse and required expensive weekly maintenance visits. It was also extremely noisy.

Key requirements for a replacement system to pump sewage from a fibreglass tank on the site of the old ejector system, were quiet operation, due to the proximity of the tourist information office, and installation within a limited space.

Mono designed a special Munchpump package for installation in a disused broom cupboard, measuring 2.5m x 0.5m, located inside the toilet attendant’s locker room. Adequate space has been incorporated for the system’s control panel and for maintenance and repair work to be carried out if required.

The system comprises two sets of SB Munchpumps arranged in duty and standby mode. The progressing cavity pumps are protected by SB Muncher slow speed, high torque, parallel shaft grinders, and the in-built control activates the system according to the level in the tank. Typically a Munchpump comes into operation once every hour during peak operating times.

The SB Muncher consists of cantilevered shafts, fitted with hardened alloy steel patented design cutters to give optimum grinding performance.

The lack of bottom seals ensures minimal maintenance and wear, and the SB Munchers come complete with a three year warranty.

The Munchpump package offers a number of cost saving benefits, including substantially reduced power consumption. Effective grinding of the sewage prior to pumping reduces blockages and minimises the need for aintenance. The SB Munchpump system has remained trouble-free since installation in 1993 and only requires a site visit every two months.

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