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Compactor monitor resort hotel case study


Large resort hotel with highly variable levels of business due to seasonality. Garbage compactor was on a regular service schedule, twice per week.

  • Compactor often was not full when picked up by hauler.
  • Seasonal variations meant large variation in waste volumes generated.
  • Engineering staff had no accurate method to measure compactor fill level.

The Results
RecycleSmart installed an automated, remote electronic monitoring system to maximize compactor utilization.

  • Installed electronic 3A full indicator light to indicate bin full levels.
  • Installed wireless compactor monitor to automatically call for service when compactor reaches ZA full.
  • Eliminated 72 unnecessary compactor pickups per year for $11,000.00 in annual savings, reduced truck trips, reduced loading dock congestion and reduced carbon emissions (from unnecessary truck trips).

RecycleSmart utilizes the latest technology to drive recycling and waste management system efficiency. From automated compactor monitors to remote bin sensors RecycleSmart is implementing advanced solutions at leading hotels across North America. Our hotel expertise can help your hotel operation reduce waste and reduce costs.

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