Company culture and EHS / sustainability performance

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Recognizing and managing your company’s culture is critical to understanding and managing EHS and sustainability performance. Performance is driven by employee behaviors, and employee behaviors are driven by the intangible aspects of your company’s culture that are not written down in policies, programs and procedures. All behavior is rewarded, whether it is desired or unwanted behavior, whether an employee recognizes it or not, whether a manager recognizes it or not, and it is the intangible aspects of employee perceptions, beliefs, values, motivations and attitudes that guide and drive employee behaviors.

Every company has a culture; the question is whether the culture supports your EHS and sustainability objectives and how you manage that culture.

In this white paper, we look at the initial steps of defining and assessing your company culture and how to take those results, reshape your company culture, and drive EHS and sustainability performance to the next level.

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