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Company Interview: Colin Ryan, Cansolv Technologies, Inc.

This is a TWST Interview with Colin Ryan, CFO of Cansolv Technologies Inc.
SECTOR – POLLUTION & TREATMENT CONTROLS(WAR614) TWST: Could you begin by giving us a brief overview of Cansolv Technologies?

Mr. Ryan: Cansolv Technologies Inc. was founded in 1997 by a group of entrepreneurial technology developers from Union Carbide (now Dow Corporation). This team had worked together in the late 1980s and early 1990s developing CANSOLV SO2 Scrubbing, a chemistry-enabled process for flue gas cleaning. The genius of this technology is that it took a chemical process widely used in natural gas processing and made it work for scrubbing pollutants from industrial flue gases. After five years of development and $30 million dollars, Union Carbide terminated the CANSOLV program as it realigned its corporate strategy. Cansolv Technologies purchased the technology in 1997. After successfully completing the development, CTI signed the first license in 1999 and the first three plants started up in 2002. All three have met or exceeded their performance targets for emissions and energy usage. CTI is currently designing the largest CANSOLV scrubber to date for commissioning in 2006. Several others are in the planning and engineering stages.

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