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Company Introduces New Pipe Repair Products


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InduMar Products, Inc., based in Houston Texas, celebrates twenty years of providing pipe repair and rehabilitation solutions to their industrial and marine customers. Well known for their versatile STOP IT® Pipe Repair System the Company also takes pride in offering custom solutions for many pipe leak, reinforcement and corrosion problems.

The combination of sealant development and innovative application techniques have resulted in a new breed of InduMar pipe repair systems well suited to the severe service in industrial and marine environments. Specialty sealants are matched to piping materials, pressures and the product carried in the line.

The original STOP IT® Pipe Repair System utilizes a fast-setting epoxy plugging compound that is ideal for addressing holes, cracks and plugging low-flow active leaks. This system withstands 400 PSI, works underwater, is chemically resistant and cures in less than an hour.

High pressures exceeding 1500 PSI are now possible with InduMar’s new STOP IT® HP Resin System. This sealant can penetrate fine cracks and holes, bonds on a molecular level with native oxides on most metals, and can be tailored in terms of viscosity to meet the demands of overhead and vertical applications. The company’s new STOP IT® PVC product consists of an underlying polymeric encapsulant, operating in conjunction with the original outer fiberglass composite wrap to enhance the sealing capabilities on PVC fitting leaks and stress cracks. With great flexural strength, this line of repair products can take the vibration, flex and stress encountered daily by industrial piping.

The basic premise of all STOP IT® repairs is to fill the damaged area of the pipe with the proper sealant then build a high-strength composite jacket over the surrounding section. When carbon steel pipes have deteriorated to the point of concern and replacement is not a timely option, InduMar’s products can be used to quickly rehabilitate the pipes rebuilding wall thickness and restoring hoop strength on a long term basis.

The original STOP IT® rehabilitation composite adds over 2000 pounds of additional pull-out strength to PVC fittings. The new STOP IT® PVC System further enhances repair capacity on PVC and CPVC. All of InduMar’s repair and rehabilitation systems are safe, simple to apply, and fast. InduMar’s purpose is to assist maintenance professionals and engineers with effective repair and rehabilitation solutions for their piping systems.

With the addition of emergency tank, and drum repair kits, PTFE lined repair clamps, and a variety of other mechanical sealing devices InduMar provides the tools for the leak problem most common in all fluid processing operations.

From single repairs to major rehabilitation projects InduMar can save you downtime and reduce repair costs while making your plant, refinery, tanker or freighter a safer place to work.

There is an infinite variety of leak problems that dictate the repair procedure, size and location of the hole, operating pressure, temperature, chemical properties of the flow material, etc. The ability to chemically tailor a repair product for the particular demand is InduMar’s focus and application friendly products enable use by your own personnel or outside contractors.

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