Company spotlight: Eliminating landfill space


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Discuss the company’s services/ products offered.
Star Pre-Cast Conrete/Magnum Pavers (Parachute, CO) is a 20-year old company that has been involved in recycling for four years. Our service is pre-cast concrete— anything there is, we make. A few years ago we came up with a useful way to use the glass beer bottles here in western rural Colorado in order to keep them out of landfills. At that time there was no recycling process.

Why do you use glass bottles in the magnum paver and concrete materials?
All these rural towns in western Colorado are small, 3,000 to 8,000 people towns and they all have an immense amount of glass. The cost and logistics to transport the glass to another facility is considerable, so they do not recycle glass in those areas. The bottles just pile up in the landfills. We came up with a way to eliminate the discarded glass that takes up valuable landfill space.

Discuss the steps of the breakdown/ creation process.
We crush the bottles with an Andela glass crusher that’s made specifically for crushing glass bottles, making sand and aggregate. As it comes out as sand and gravel, we blend that back into the mix design we want to make quality concrete and getting a 90 percent reduction by volume. For example, all of these small towns have beat up alleys (20' x 600' is a typical size), so if you were to make that alley with magnum pavers, that’s 2.4 million beer bottles used—totally recycled, totally reusable. Now, in these alleys all the utilities—gas, phone, electric, water, sewer, etc.—runs under them so whenever a repair has to be done in a paved alley, they have to dig it up, do the repair and then it falls on someone else to repave it. With the magnum pavers, you just lift them out, do the repair and put them back in. Its such a locally responsive product that anyone that has a truck can even pave their own yards with recycled product. We’ve also shredded cardboard and made these magnum pavers out of that.

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