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Comparative performance of BESS and SMES in distribution network to improve power quality

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The FACTS devices, like STATCOM, are becoming a part of the modern power system to improve the power system operation and power quality problems. Integrating the battery energy storage system (BESS)/superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) across the dc bus of the STATCOM can provide effective modulation of the real and reactive power. The dynamics of each of these differ because of their nature of energy storage. In this paper, comparative dynamic performances of these devices across the STATCOM are presented. The control strategy is proposed to integrate these devices to improve the active power management within the constraints of source supply to take the advantage of off-peak load condition. The simple hysteresis controller ensures the unity power factor and sinusoidal supply current. Proposed controller is designed to regulate the real and reactive power while keeping the dc bus voltage constant in BESS and SMES. Simulation is carried out using realistic power devices to study the dynamic performance of these schemes. The prototype results are given to validate the performance.

Keywords: power quality, STATCOM, superconducting magnetic energy storage, SMES, battery energy storage systems, BESS, distribution networks, FACTS devices, simulation, control strategy, power management, off-peak load condition, hysteresis controllers

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