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Compare, assess and decide with PLAN

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The infrastructure asset management (IAM) planning software application (PLAN) is a decision-support environment, developed under TRUST, which is providing organized assessment and comparison for any number of competing projects, solutions or alternative designs, which can be assessed and pitched against each other, both numerically as well as visually.

PLAN was designed as the central planning framework of the AWARE-P infrastructure asset management methodology and therefore complements and integrates with AWARE-P, which is a non-intrusive, web-based, collaborative environment where objectives and metrics drive IAM planning. Planning alternatives or competing projects are measured up and compared, through selected performance, risk and cost metrics, through interactive numerical and through 2D/3D graphical information display. It may also be used to compare different systems or sub-systems for diagnosis and prioritization. It was created as a technical tool, but just as importantly as a negotiation and communication vehicle. The system has been publicly available since 2012 and has gathered over 1200 registered users worldwide, having been used for IAM plan development in over 50 utilities in Europe, USA and Australia.

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