Compare popular resistivity meters with FlashRES

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Courtesy of ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd.

Although most resistivity meters nowadays can collect resistivity, IP and SP data and most of these systems are multi-channal resistivity meters, there is still a technical gap between traditional and next generation resistivity meters.

FlashRES has six to 8 times more channel than traditional system, this means larger data quantity, which could help the resistivity inversion image generated by FlashRES yield better resolution.

Traditional resistivity meters require switch box to set up longer survey, this method usually makes the operators spend more money on the project. FlashRES systems are switch box free, therefore there is no hidden cost for the operator when they purchase FlashRES.

Very few resistivity meters offer full waveform monitoring, FlashRES can help operator ensures the quality of the collected data.

Cable arrangement flexibility is always a limitation for most resistivity meters. Traditional resistivity meters are limited to do surface survey, FlashRES can do much more, it can perform crosshole, high efficient mose-a-la-masse and surface-hole surveys.


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