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Comparison of Directional WaveGuide Radar with Directional WaveRider Buoy

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Down looking FMCW radars for measuring water level, tides and wave height have been in use for 25 years. A combination of three down looking FMCW radars, mounted on an o↵ shore location, can be used to accurately measure ocean wave height and wave direction. At locations where an o↵shore mounting construction is readily available, the major advantage of this relatively new technology lies in the contact free measuring technique. As a result, the technology provides a maintenance free solution to obtain valuable oceanographic information.

This paper presents a comparison study between the Radac Directional WaveGuide and the Datawell Directional WaveRider Buoy. Experimental data was obtained at the Princess Amalia Wind Park situated o↵ the Dutch coast near IJmuiden.

The results show that both measuring techniques compare well with each other. It is concluded that this setup of three down looking radars is a technically sound solution for measuring both wave heights and wave direction.

Keywords: Wave Sensor, Wave Height, Directional Wave Measurement

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