Comparison of Grasspave2 vs Bomanite Grasscrete Systems


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Grasspave2 is a plastic ring/grid structural reinforcement system for natural turf, made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, and designed to prevent compaction of the upper root zone from loads generated by pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Plastic materials will not absorb heat or moisture, and will thus not put additional stress upon the grass. At its thickest point, this paver has 92% open area for roots, air and water to pass through.

The rings act as a rigid load transfer device (through vertical ring walls) from the pavement surface to a load bearing road base below the paving structure. The depth of road base required will vary to match load requirements with subsoil load requirements, such as that needed for an asphalt wearing course. The flexible grid responds to soil movement below, maintains ring spacing and provides a certain amount of tensile strength in planar fashion, but this strength is discounted and applied as additional safety factor. When installation is complete, the Grasspave2 product will support in excess of 5700 psi with the proper base course below.

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