Comparison of Self-Primers: A customer lead field test

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Courtesy of Cornell Pump Company

I call on numerous accounts weekly. A question that often arises is “Which pump is best?”

While this certainly varies from application to application, I tend to like to see performance to make that determination. My experience in college football and 15 years of professional wrestling taught me that ‘talk is cheap’ and that true winners will shine in a competition.

Last month I witnessed a test conducted by KRP Rentals in Odessa, Texas. They wanted to test a 4 inch Cornell pump against 4 inch pumps from Gorman Rupp and Summitt. KRP would use the winner on some new water transfer packages.

The pumps were all operated on the same model 40 HP engines, turning at 1800 RPM. KRP was most concerned with the amount of water the pumps could push through in the test. The clear winner was the Cornell 4ST Self Primer. The 4ST pumped right at 700 GPM, while the competitors were able to produce only 550 GPM. Cornell had more than 27 percent greater flow than the others, operating at the same conditions.

They are not going to “crown” champs in the question of which is the best pump, but I submit that the Cornell 4ST is worthy of the laurels of a champion.

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