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Competences for environmental performance in a Brazilian oil company

The objective of this research is to identify organisational competences that impact the environmental performance of organisations. The case analysed is the oil refining in Brazil. A case study is adopted as a research strategy, with a qualitative and a quantitative approach, using bibliographical and field research, including the use of a questionnaire followed by a descriptive statistics analysis. The sample, defined in a non–random convenience is composed of 18 experts with experience in environmental management in the refining area. It was identified 29 competences as important for environmental performance. It is concluded that these competences are broadly distributed in different areas of the company, not being limited to the environmental management division. Most competences are in the tactical level (51.7%). With the exception of management competences related to the implementation of policies, licensing and environmental standards, the ten most important competences are related to operations and manufacturing technologies.

Keywords: environmental management, environmental education, environmental performance, green HRM, human resource management, environmental management systems, EMS, sustainability, sustainable development, oil refining, oil transport, organisational competences, Brazil, oil industry, operations, manufacturing technology

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