Complete online monitoring solution for Waste Water Treatment Plant


Courtesy of Chromatotec Group

Due to the increasing number of requests for the monitoring of waste water treatment plant atmosphere, Chromatotec® has designed a specific analytical solution for sulfur and nitrogen compounds analysis.

For more than 25 years, Chromatotec® has proven its value and expertise in measuring and recording sulfur concentrations in waste water treatment plant. Chromatotec® has completed its sulfur analyzer range with a new system dedicated to the measurement of ammonia and sum of amines. To the best of our knowledge, no analytical systems are available on the market for this application.

Therefore, Chromatotec® is glad to propose its solution for nitrogen compounds analysis. It has a specific nitrogen compounds detector working with a ceramic ion source. A hot, chemically reactive gas boundary layer is formed at the surface of the ceramic and chemical reactions occur at the immediate vicinity of the ion source. Samples react with the boundary layer and are decomposed. Nitrogen compounds will be detected by the collector after decomposition. Then, the obtained signal will be collected and transferred to Vistachrom Software for full results traceability.

The system can also remote controlled and all data can be transferred to an external computer or data logger. Due to the specificity of the ceramic, nitrogen compounds can be analyzed from ppb (µg/m3) for amines to ppm (mg/m3) for ammonia.

Also, we can propose a specific detection system for phosphorous compounds and oxygenated compounds. This new range of analyzers will be perfectly suited for entering new markets and applications.

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