Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. (SolidAT)

Complete Product Line of Unique Level Sensors


Brief description of each product along with specifications and applications.

The list of products includes: 

  • SmartScan50 - for most challenging applications
  • SmartScan25 - for long-range applications
  • Gauger420 - Compact, 2-wire, for all applications
  • Gauger485 - Compact, continuous with digital output
  • GaugerGSM -  integrated with wireless GSM communications
  • GaugerNET - Web monitoring service for GaugerGSM/GPS
  • GaugerGPS - Sensor integrated with GSM and GPS receiver
  • MonoScan - Compact design reaching 15 meters
  • MicroScan - cost-effective level sensor for water applications
  • SmartLite - Basic two-part system for simple applications
  • GaugerBAT - Intrinsic Safe Battery Pack for Hazardous areas
  • SOLID*GPS - Rugger GPS / RS485 output

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