Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. (SolidAT)

Complete Product Line of Unique Level Sensors


Courtesy of Courtesy of Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. (SolidAT)

Brief description of each product along with specifications and applications.

The list of products includes: 

  • SmartScan50 - for most challenging applications
  • SmartScan25 - for long-range applications
  • Gauger420 - Compact, 2-wire, for all applications
  • Gauger485 - Compact, continuous with digital output
  • GaugerGSM -  integrated with wireless GSM communications
  • GaugerNET - Web monitoring service for GaugerGSM/GPS
  • GaugerGPS - Sensor integrated with GSM and GPS receiver
  • MonoScan - Compact design reaching 15 meters
  • MicroScan - cost-effective level sensor for water applications
  • SmartLite - Basic two-part system for simple applications
  • GaugerBAT - Intrinsic Safe Battery Pack for Hazardous areas
  • SOLID*GPS - Rugger GPS / RS485 output

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