Complete Solutions for Pesticide Residue Analysis in Foods


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Pesticides are widely used in many areas of modern agriculture as they are considered economically important for high yield production. In today’s world of extensive importing and exporting of food goods, the analysis and monitoring of pesticides is essential, although challenging.

The determination of an effective, standardized approach for extracting pesticides from food sources and subsequent
identification of compounds can be considerably problematic due to:
  • Low and decreasing regulatory levels
  • Wide range of compounds and foods
  • Pressure to deliver results quickly
  • Strict regulations for QA/QC controls

To overcome these challenges, Varian offers a complete support solution for the extraction, isolation, identification and
quantitation of pesticide residues, from sample preparation to reporting of results.

Using these superior solutions ensures:

  • Increased laboratory productivity
  • Outstanding sensitivity and increased selectivity
  • Unambiguous identity confi rmation
  • Rapid method development

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