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Completion reporting for a closed landfill site


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Client: Waste Management Industry

Location: UK

Services: Landfill completion reporting for a closed site, including desk study and risk assessment

Issues: Landfill completion criteria, potential risk to groundwater, environment or human health.

Summary: ESI undertook a desk study and risk assessment to support an application for a certificate of completion for a closed landfill site. A conceptual model was developed on which a risk assessment model was based. This confirmed that the waste presented no pollution risk to the surrounding environment.

Our client benefited from our robust conceptualisation and risk assessment modelling which enabled a straight forward application to be made and rapid procedure to landfill completion of the specified cell.

The client had a number of former quarries in the project area that had later been permitted for use as landfill sites under the Waste Management Licence (WML) process. The sites were post-operational and had been restored to farmland and fisheries. Following a period of post-closure monitoring the client wished to surrender the Waste Management Licence for one area of the site and apply for a Certificate of Completion from the Environment Agency. This requires assessment to determine whether, as a result of waste disposal activities, the condition of the land still risks causing pollution of the environment or harm to human health.

ESI was asked to complete a review of available information, provide a desk study and risk assessment and submit completion documents to the Environment Agency for the surrender of the WML.

The scope of work included assessing the geological, hydrological and hydrogeological context of the site and determining whether the fill and engineering of the landfill were producing any impact on the local and regional environment. The site was in the vicinity of a number of environmentally sensitive sites including Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and a Ramsar site for wetland protection.

ESI assessed the historical development of the landfill and the regional and local hydrogeological and hydrochemical data provided from various sources.  The available data were used to develop a site-specific conceptual model.  The conceptual model was in turn used to develop a risk assessment model to confirm that the waste deposited at the site presented no pollution risk to the surrounding environment.

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