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Complex system governance: concept, challenges, and emerging research

The purpose of this paper is to explore an emerging paradigm and implications for complex system governance. Although 'governance' has been taken as a 'good thing', we seek more rigorous development of governance as a multidisciplinary construct. Following an introduction to the complex system problem domain three primary objectives are pursued. First, three fields, governance, management cybernetics, and systems theory are examined for contributions to the emerging complex system governance field. Second, an emerging paradigm for complex system governance is developed. This developmental paradigm establishes a preliminary basis for complex system governance. Third, a set of implications for research and development is suggested to accelerate advancement of the complex system governance field. Emphasis is placed on the potential that this field offers for practitioners who must deal with the increasingly complex systems and their constituent problems. The paper concludes with research challenges to push the emerging field forward.

Keywords: complex systems, systems governance, systems theory, management cybernetics, metasystem governance

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