Compost Leachate Pond Bioremediation Case Study - Composting Facility, Northern California


Our client runs a composting facility that receives green waste, food waste and other compostable material from residential and commercial sources, to create rich, black compost


As part of the facility, the compost leachate pond has repeatedly experienced problems with the incoming influent high chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD) levels, foul odors and acidic black water. Previously, the pond was drained and the sludge manually removed annually, later a costly paddle aeration system was installed, both proved ineffective in tackling the ongoing problematic issues. AquaBio was hired to bioremediate the incoming leachate and pond, reduce odors, and bring down BOD and COD, after local residents had complained about the foul odors.


A simple bioremediation management plan was devised by AquaBio, including pH adjustment prior to the start of the weekly bioaugmentation prescription of microbes and installing a new cost effective Vertex micron diffusion aeration system. AquaBio’s bioremediation management plan helped to deal with the odor issues and reduce BOD and COD. The leachate pond was monitored to determine how the system was doing, giving impressive results over a six month period.

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