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Composting of Municipal Solid Waste through chemical pretreatment

Composting is one of the viable options for bioprocessing of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). An important aspect of the composting process is the period required for attaining stability/maturity, and the quality of compost. In order to enhance the rate of degradation and improve the quality of compost, several pretreatments on MSW were investigated. Chemical pretreatment with low strength NaOH (0.1%) followed by steaming was found to be most effective in enhancing the degradation rate. Pretreatment with 0.2% ethylene glycol followed by steaming also showed appreciable results but pretreatment by steaming alone had no significant improvement in the degradation rate.

Keywords: composting, chemical pretreatment, degradation, bioprocessing, biodegradable fraction, municipal solid waste, solid waste compost

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