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Comprehensive services are key to turnaround success


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Petroleum and chemical plant turnarounds present both project management and technical challenges and it is important to get both sides of the equation right.

With the purchase of Eveready Energy & Industrial Services, Clean Harbors acquired industrial services assets, expertise and staff that have served the petroleum and chemical industries for decades. Clean Harbors brings its turnaround clients a legacy of industrial services, environmental waste management and project management skills honed through countless on-site cleaning and remediation projects. One of North America’s largest industrial services contractors, Clean Harbors understands a shutdown that extends an extra hour, day or longer significantly impacts the bottom line.

Clean Harbors’ management capabilities significantly contribute to turnaround efficiency. Knowledgeable consultants routinely work with clients months, even years, ahead to schedule and plan turnarounds. By implementing customized programs based on the specific equipment, logistics and client resources, Clean Harbors becomes a turnaround partner helping refiners make the most of their maintenance windows.

Clean Harbors’ management capabilities significantly contribute to turnaround efficiency.

Clean Harbors has vast resources to address turnarounds of any size and scope. Its urnaround services include industrial cleaning for planned or unplanned, total or partial, shutdowns for maintenance, overhaul and repair operations. The extensive portfolio includes vacuum services; internal pipe inspection; high pressure services (hydrojetting, hydroblasting, etc.); condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning (hydrolazing); chemical cleaning; pipe cleaning and removal; boiler cleaning; catalyst handling; decoking and pigging; and recycling, reclamation or waste disposal for all catalysts and cleaning byproducts.

Assets include vacuum trucks, air movers, bundle blasters, 3-D waterblasters, automated line cleaning equipment including, Rotofan and Armadillo systems, decoking/pigging pump units, frac tanks and rolloff containers. Catalyst services equipment includes confined- space-entry and life support equipment, JE and TurboCat loaders, vacuum and dedusting systems.

Clean Harbors also has the ability to assign hundreds of professionals and the necessary equipment to work 24/7 to execute turnarounds in the shortest possible time and within budget. Its services extend beyond its in-house capabilities. It schedules, deploys and manages subcontractors enabling refiners to turn to one service provider and avoid the need to micro-manage dozens of vendors.

Clean Harbors is committed to its SafetyFirst! program making safety an integral part of the turnaround planning and implementation process. As a result, Days Away and Restricted Time, Total Recordable Incident Rate and Enterprise Risk Management ratings are some of the lowest in the industry.

Clean Harbors’ turnaround services program ensures overall performance, safety, reliability and the timely return of assets online for companies looking for a well-designed, well-planned, best practice approach to turnaround management.

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