Condenser Water Treatment Using Pulsed Power

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Regulatory pressures and economic considerations require industry to become cleaner, more efficient, and more environmentally benign. Such operating principles advance not only good public relations but reduce liability, improve working conditions, and relieve or simplify regulatory reporting obligations.

One area where an environmentally friendly technology has been applied pertains to electronic water treatment in cooling towers. The conventional method for the treatment of recirculating water in cooling towers is with chemical additives. The concentrated forms of these chemicals are often hazardous, and the residual chemicals released by periodic blowdown, evaporation, and drift are problematic. This article describes a non-chemical treatment technology (the Dolphin System™ manufactured by Clearwater Systems of Essex, CT) on cooling tower water in a commercial office building in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The water chemistry and the biological activity resulting from this treatment are also discussed, with appropriate data provided.


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