Conduct of operations: The glue between training and performance

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Read any incident investigation report and, almost certainly, one of the recommendations will be to train or retrain workers in some operations, maintenance or administrative procedure. Yet in many cases the workers are already well-trained in the subject procedure and have met all company requirements, including demonstrations that the training was understood. How, then, is it possible that well-trained, qualified workers fail to execute the procedures as required?

Some will claim that human error is the cause, and indeed, we all make mistakes. But in high-reliability organizations, isolated human errors should not result in serious incidents. Excellence in training does not automatically result in excellence in execution, and the “glue” that is often missing is a management system governing the conduct of operations.

The traditional response to incidents involving operations or maintenance department personnel errors is to dismiss or punish those deemed derelict in their duties and to retrain those who remain. However, this often fails to have a lasting effect.

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