Confidential Client - Environmental Remediation Project - Delray Beach, Florida


Courtesy of Adedge Water Technologies, LLC

Levine Fricke Engineers (LFE), an environmental firm under contract to Blackstone Consultants LLC (Blackstone), was responsible for specifying and selecting a cleanup remedy for a former contaminated nursery site located in Delray Beach, Florida. LFE and Blackstone performed site characterization and demonstrated that site groundwater contained very high arsenic concentrations. Subsequently, LFE contacted Adedge to assist in developing a treatment remedy to address an estimated eight million gallons of groundwater from beneath the 13-acre contaminated site as part of the corrective action plan. The groundwater recovery system consisted of five extraction wells, submersible pumps, associated piping, and appurtenances. A pilot program for arsenic removal was conducted with AdEdge prior to the full scale design utilizing AdEdge’s granular ferric oxide adsorption technology.

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