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Configurable meta-search in the job domain


We have developed a configurable meta-search engine for the human resource domain which aims to aid job seekers in searching for job vacancies and to support meta-search providers in the rapid development of meta-search engines. A significant challenge in accessing heterogeneous, distributed information via meta-search engines is the schema/data matching and integration that is needed for resolving semantic heterogeneities between different source search engines. We adopt a hybrid approach, using multiple matching criteria and matchers. A domain-specific ontology serves as a global ontology. Mappings are derived between this and the source search engine interfaces. These mappings are used to generate an integrated meta-search query interface, support query processing in the meta-search engine, and resolve semantic conflicts arising during result extraction from the source search engines. Experiments conducted in the job search domain show that our hybrid approach increases the correctness of matching during the integration of source search interfaces.

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