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Confined Space Plan


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Create a Plan for a Confined Space

Do you need to create a plan for your confined space plan? Confined spaces have limited space in that someone can enter, and are not designed to be occupied in the long-term.

Your workplace may involve working somewhere that has dangerous substances, or serious hazards like exposed wires or unguarded machines, we offer the training that you need.

Why You Need a Confined Space Plan

When working in a confined space you must have a plan to deal with a number of factors, including an awareness of procedures when entering the confined space. Secondly, you must have a consciousness of physical hazards before entering. It’s imperative you also know about the oxygen content, toxicity, flammability and the potential for any explosions.

Your team will undergo training with all equipment, including lighting, air-monitoring, and communication equipment. Through the training, contact is a key element which will be maintained at all times. Those who are trained will either help or assist in the process.

How We Can Help

Civil Engineering Safety Limited experience ranks like no other, experts in confined spaces and hazardous environments. Along with expert training, we can also provide and service all safety equipment.

For a more hands-on approach, check out training for confined spaces, simply contact our team today.

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