Congestion charge = better air

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Courtesy of Enviro Technology Services Ltd

With the Government giving the green light for a congestion charge in Manchester, the floodgates have now been opened for the controversial scheme to be adopted around the country.

But while there’s a lot of talk about the charge being another tax on drivers already struggling to cope with rising fuel prices, little has been said about the positive impact on the air we breathe.

With concern about the environment and pollution becoming ever more widespread, this has to be a factor when discussing the pros and cons of rolling out congestion charging nationwide.

Enviro Technology, Europe’s leading air quality monitoring experts, work closely with local authorities to track the levels of pollution caused by vehicles and help pinpoint traffic hotspots.

The company works with UK local authorities to monitor the air surrounding towns and cities using state-of-the-art equipment. Over the past few years many more authorities have used the company for vehicle emissions monitoring in order to highlight high polluting areas in towns and cities – often called ‘hot spots’.

ET’s fleet characterisation studies monitor emissions and identify the most polluting vehicles. The information can then help councils plan their future traffic management policies.

To date, Enviro Technology has worked on vehicle emission monitoring surveys with local authorities based in London, Bristol, South Yorkshire and Devon.

Duncan Mounsor, operations director at Enviro Technology, says: “Vehicle emissions monitoring has been an area of our business that has grown over the past few years. With London already working with, and Manchester looking to implement, a Congestion Chare zone I believe that in 20 years time this type of charging will be the norm in UK towns and cities.”

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