Consider Cable Concrete Erosion Control Solutions for Natural and Manmade Causes of Ground Erosion


The weather is a powerful force that’s capable of leaving all types and levels of destruction in its wake. Shifting soil is one of the most common results of wet or windy weather, and it’s a natural event needed to maintain the environment. Something to note, however, is that although soil erosion is a naturally occurring process, there are times when erosion situations are influenced by human activity, like controlled agriculture. Whether your erosion issue is natural or manmade, consider cable concrete erosion control solutions to help stop topsoil from extreme movement or breaking down further. Here are some of the most common causes of soil erosion:

  • Water runoff: If you’ve ever overwatered a home garden, then you’ve likely experienced some degree of soil loss right before your eyes. The water lifts the top layer of soil and you may see the dirt separate from the minerals and other organic materials. Now imagine this on a grander scale. Rain comes down and almost immediately begins breaking down soil, which leads to water runoff carrying sediment away.
  • Sloping land: Due to gravity, steep slopes will undoubtedly lose the most topsoil, which is why natural land formations with steep sloping characteristics tend to change over time. Soil erodes at a quick downward angle as rainwater rides the ground like a slide, and soil, sediment and other organic materials collect at the bottom.
  • Wind: Wind can affect soil quality is a couple different ways. First, light winds can pick up finer particles off the ground, sending them up, up and away. This sounds like a serious situation, but since the tiny particles are typically already loosened up, little damage is done. Issues arise when heavier particles are blown and tumbled across a surface lacking sufficient roughness to resist erosion.
  • Farming and agriculture: Planting farm crops requires the ground to be worked enough for plants to grow and thrive—including machinery tilling to further soften the soil. Breaking up the soil to add fertilizers and enriched and organic soil to boost crop production means that a lot of the original dense dirt needs to be removed, which can make fields more susceptible to soil erosion during periods of steady or heavy rainfall.
  • Shortage of vegetative cover: On the other hand, crops can also be a positive thing, as they help to reduce the chances of major soil erosion. With their strong root systems and lush foliage, crops and other vegetation (both wild and cultivated) are natural stabilizers capable of helping to maintain soil structure. Areas lacking natural vegetation are more prone to eroding during wet weather.

Installing cable concrete mats is one good option for preventative soil erosion control or for placing down as a protective system after erosion has already occurred. This product can create walkways and access roads in flood-prone areas, stabilize riverbanks and so much more. If your land is in need of permanent or temporary erosion control, contact the team at International Erosion Control Systems Inc. for more information about all possible cable concrete erosion control solutions.

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