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Construction and Civil Infrastructures Monitoring Systems


Civil infrastructures are usually monitored through its whole life cycle. SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) technologies enable the estimation of the structural state and detection of structural change that affects the performance of a structure. Two discriminating factors in SHM are the time-scale of the change (how quickly the state changes) and the severity of the change. These factors represent two major sources of system change: alarm warnings (e.g. disaster notification for earthquake, explosion, etc.) and continuous health monitoring (e.g. from ambient vibrations, wind, etc.). The general approaches taken to SHM are either direct damage detection (visual inspection, x-ray, etc.) or indirect damage detection (detecting changes in structural properties or system behavior).

Performing SHM by the use of sensor networks is not a new concept. The traditional approach consists of conventional piezoelectric accelerometers hardwired to data acquisition boards residing in a PC. The drawbacks of such a system include:

  • the high cost of installation and disturbance of the normal operation of the structure due to wires having to run all over the structure

  • the high cost of equipment

  • cost of maintenance

Compared to the conventional methods, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) provide comparable functionality at a much lower price, which permits a higher spatial density of sensors.

Compared to the wired network, installation and maintenance are easy and inexpensive in a WSN, and disruption of the operation of the structure is minimal. ADVANTICSYS contributes to the development of WSN for SHM in the following:

  • It identifies requirements to obtain data of sufficient quality to have real scientific and practical value to civil engineering applications, and examines how to solve them and transform it into a practical implementation.

  • The system is scalable to a large number of nodes to allow dense sensor coverage of real-world structures.

  • It addresses a myriad of problems encountered in a real deployment in difficult conditions, rather than a simulation or laboratory test bed.

The live data captured is used to improve correlations between real world performance and simulations to provide better prediction of activity points in cost models and maintenance schedules in which actions are needed. Our work creates value as follows:

a) Knowledge of the location, history and condition of key assets in aerospace (e.g. engine parts) and construction (e.g. M&E such as boilers, cooling systems, pumps, etc).

b) Improved management schedules via collection of data on parameters, such as temperature monitoring, that have a direct bearing on the in-service life of components.

c) Clear identification of intervention points for maintenance/repair

d) Integration into existing asset management schedules allowing more effective planning across multiple assets in different locations, enabling better use of resources, saving cost and extending the life of assets.

Therefore, our monitoring systems and tools are focused on the interoperability across construction manufacturing supply chains and its application at all stages of the construction lifecycle. It moves the emphasis of activities, away from just production and towards provision of lifetime service, around a manufactured product.

Our remote dataloggers are created for measuring, logging and sending saved data to remote users over Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, IEC60870-5-104:2000, SNTP and other protocols.

ADVANTICSYS provides four different series for analog/digital inputs acquisition, including support for remote temperature monitoring system applications (Pt100 probes) as well as industrial standard signals (0..10V or 4..20mA), integration with M-BUS, RS232, Data/Req networks... as in all our products, making accessible the stored data easily through open and standard protocol: Modbus.

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