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Construction and management of mobile asphalt mixing plant

After years of rapid development, asphalt pavement has become the main pavement type of expressways and various municipal roads. In order to meet the needs of foreign projects, and taking into account the transportation costs, management costs and equipment purchase costs, construction companies usually The existing asphalt mixing plant will be demolished to the location of the project and mobile asphalt mixing plant will be set up. Experts from argue that the ability to quickly set up a mobile asphalt mixing plant and manage the mixing station is an important factor in determining whether it can be put into production as soon as possible and to ensure the progress and quality of the project.

Construction of mobile asphalt mixing plant

The construction of the mobile asphalt mixing plant mainly includes four aspects: site selection, planning and construction, demolition of asphalt mixing building, commissioning and commissioning.

  1. The location of the mixing station should consider the impact on the surrounding residents and the environment, as well as economic rationality.
  2. The site planning of the mixing station should be scientific and reasonable so that the utilization and effectiveness of the site can be met to meet production needs.
  3. During the process of setting up a mobile asphalt mixing plant, the demolition speed of the asphalt mixing plant is a key factor in determining the progress of the formation. After the installation of the asphalt mixing plant is completed, commissioning is possible. The first is to test the pipeline to ensure that there is no leakage between the welds of the pipeline and between the heat transfer oil pipeline and the asphalt pipeline. It is found that the leakage should be repaired in time and pressure tested again until no leakage is found. Secondly, comprehensive maintenance of the mixing building, and necessary reliability testing of the power supply system and control system, and then power-on test operation of each mechanical part by means of jog control to see the effectiveness of the control and whether the steering of each motor is correct. After all the jog control is successful, the entire mixing building is commissioned by automatic control. Then, the accuracy of the electronic metrology accuracy is determined and calibrated. view to learn more.
  4. After that, the screening test and grading design of the aggregate is carried out, and the sample production is carried out, and the finished product can be put into production after passing the inspection.

Management of mobile asphalt mixing plant

After the completion of the mixing station, effective management is the key to ensuring the progress of the project and the quality of the product. The management of mobile asphalt mixing plants involves equipment management, production scheduling, quality control of raw materials, finished materials and safe production management.

  1. The operation of the equipment is not normal, which will directly lead to the interruption of the entire production process and affect the construction progress. Therefore, equipment management is the focus of the mixing station management.
  2. Production scheduling includes raw material scheduling, production team scheduling, transportation team scheduling, and coordination with the asphalt paving construction site personnel. Extended reading:
  3. The quality control of raw materials includes asphalt raw materials, various gravel aggregates, diesel oil, etc., which are jointly controlled by material personnel and laboratory personnel. For the asphalt raw materials, the sampling should be carried out during the feeding, and the performance indexes such as softening point, penetration degree and ductility should be checked. When the gravel is fed, the appearance inspection is first carried out, the specifications, the needle-like content, the weathering are checked, and the sample is sent to check the mud content and the crushing value. The quality of the finished product is controlled by the production team and laboratory personnel.