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Construction materials production. How to improve the quality?

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ABC-100 (new device by PC GlobeCore) can be applied in the production of a claydite, a cell concrete, a calcium-silicate brick and also in production of asbestos-cement products and synthetical linoleum. ABC is very effective for the component mixing. This device can evenly allocate small additives. Created by ABC an electromagnetic field has a particular effect on the processed polymers. Using of the vortex layer considerably augments the durability, thermostability and also permits to accelerate the technological processes.

A main peculiarity of the Intensifier of Technological Processes in comparison with other equipments:

·               sharp intensification of physical and chemical processes;

·               conditioning of final products;

·               reduction of consumption of raw materials and augmentation of product yield;

·               reduction of energy consumption;

·               reduction of the working area;

·               possibility of an automation of technological processes.


This list is still incomplete. The possibilities of ABC are unlimited and unplumbed.


Devices are reliable, can be placed in the working areas without any foundations. In fact, parallel connection or series connection of Intensifiers ABC can provide any productivity of operation line.

Besides, application of Intensifier of Technological Processes gives a possibility for:

·        accelerate the processes of obtaining  finely dispersed multicomponent suspensions and increased microbiological safety emulsions in food industry without utilization of stabilizers;

·        intensify the process of obtaining of juices, pectins, pasteous functional half-finished products during the milling of fruit and berry raw materials (this processes are characterize by the high degree of vitamins and bioactive substances conservation);

·        accelerate the processes of heat treatment;

·        increase the yield value of finished products and decrease microbiological seeding of half-finished products from meat and fish and also receive a bony past with high functional particularities, biostable pan wheat bread at the smallest time of fermentation;

·        reduce an evaporation time, time of destruction of the ascorbic acid and sugars;

·        reach a full purification of wastewater from phenol, formaldehyde, heavy metals, arsenic, nitriles;

·        resolve the problem of substanses activation each of solid and liquid dispersions which provide to improvement of physical and mechanical properties of the rubber in 1,5-2 times from one side and reduce the cure time in 8-10 times;

·        intensify the process of chemical reactions.

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