Construction of a road tunnel on the Autobahn A38 case study


Courtesy of NAUE GmbH & Co.KG

Umbrella lining with Carbfol
Today's modern traffic tunnels are increasingly being planned with a projected functionality for over 100 years – despite difficult geological and engineering conditions. The overriding objective of tunnel construction is the protection against the effects of groundwater and penetrating water. The local conditions at the highway tunnel construction site on the autobahn A38 between Breitenworbis and Bleicheroda required a seepage water sealing system, also called umbrella lining, to protect against the surrounding moisture. The converging seepage water is discharged safely via the lengthwise drainage system at the foot of the construction site. The client, the construction company Baresel GmbH, received the contract from the German Federal Ministry of Transport to securely seal the two 849 m and 874 m long pipes of the highway tunnel construction for the long-term as per the German regulation ZTV-ING. They then contracted NAUE Sealing GmbH & Co. KG to carry out the installation with the following products:
33,500 m² Carbofol tunnel geomembrane
33,500 m² Secutex R1001-B2 protection layer
7,000 running meters of Carbofol water stops

The Carbofol tunnel geomembrane is produced with a one-sided signal layer with a thickness of approx. 0.1 mm. The signal layer is intended to allow a visual, full-surface quality assurance of the sealing liner. It shows immediately if there is any damage to the geomembrane and it also provides a significant improvement to the lighting conditions in the tunnel.

As a supplier of complete tunnel sealing systems with years of experience providing extreme reliability, NAUE SEALING GmbH & Co. KG has again provided its regular high standards of quality for this project and was able to complete the project on time within the specified short schedule.

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