Consultancy case studies - Gateshead Housing Company


Courtesy of SEQM Ltd.

Gateshead Housing Company has commissioned SEQM to undertake three major pieces of work on Environmental Management and Sustainability;

  • an environmental audit of the Company involving a review of existing company documentation, production of a draft environmental policy statement, outlining commitments to legal compliance, pollution prevention, preparation  of a schedule of environmental aspects together with an evaluation of each aspect for significance including the carbon footprint and finally, the creation of objectives and targets to drive continual improvement including arrangements for monitoring and measurement of performance, assisting us in identifying funding opportunities to significantly reduce our project costs.
  • Compilation of a Green Tenancy Guide taking TGHC beyond its own corporate environmental commitments and bringing long term sustainable improvement to the Gateshead community creating positive environmental, economic and social benefits.
  • Development of a Sustainable Procurement Strategy at TGHC underpinned by a Sustainable Purchasing Guide for relevant staff


“SEQM has completed the first piece of work on time and to a high standard. They have been professional, flexible and thorough in tackling this work. They have not yet completed the tenancy guide but progress to date is innovative and creative. I have no doubt that this will be as successful as the first work they undertook.

Overall, I am very happy with both their approach and the quality and standard of work SEQM Ltd have produced for us helping us achieve environmental excellence. They carried out a detailed environmental review of our operations and provided a range of recommendations how we can improve our environmental performance.

I have no hesitation in recommending SEQM to other Housing organisations, as SEQM and its members of staff are efficient, good to work with and provide just an excellent and world class service.'

Elaine Snaith
Assistant Chief Executive, Gateshead Housing Company

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