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Courtesy of SEQM Ltd.

Kellogg’s asked SEQM to carry out a review and prepare a Phase 1 study for an operational food factory site. The site was in an historic industrial area which at one time in the past comprised blast furnaces; coke ovens; a bye-products recovery plant; finishing mills and steel works.

SEQM suggested a three stage approach of preliminary investigation (document review, satellite and map investigation), site visits and report writing and submission.

A detailed report was produced highlighting potential issues of concern, limitations in the information made available and requests for further information that were required to provide guidance to us. Eight observations were raised as a result of compiling the report. These were outlined and substantiated throughout the report and also summarised for quick reference.

The investigation and the report were conducted with the utmost sensitivity, confidentiality, efficiency and professionalism that we have come to expect from SEQM.

SEQM could have tried to persuade us into doing Phase 2 work but their objective and speedy review of someone else’s analysis, documentations and researched helped us conclusively to reach a decision.


“We really appreciate the integrity and professionalism of SEQM on this one and we will definitely use SEQM again for any Phase 1 or Phase 2 study.'

John Davies/ Paul Winstanley
Environmental Affairs Manager

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