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Container leachate treatment machine



Jiarong containerized leachate treatment equipment is based on a two-stage DTRO disc-tube reverse osmosis membrane, which is mainly designed for high concentration and difficult sewage treatment such as landfill leachate.

The containerized system is particularly effective for leachate treatment and is a popular choice among customers, as it is ideal for long-distance transportation with exceptionally short delivery time. The system is highly mobile and simple to use. Only water, drainage and power supply need to be installed and connected for the container to function. This requires reduced equipment construction needs for our customers and once connected, has a fully automatic operation.


  • Mobile standard container module design;
  • Wide range of applications, can be used for leachate and industrial wastewater treatment;
  • Can be used for emergency wastewater treatment and emergency water supply;
  • Fully automatic control, remote operation management and maintenance;
  • User friendly and design reliable.

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