Containerised Solution


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type      HOFGAS®- Ready/C 1500 
Commissioning      2003
Site      Malaga (ES)


This landfill is situated in Malaga on the coast of southern Spain. In 1999 Hofstetter installed a simple measuring flare HOFGAS® - Smarty 500, which delivered precise data of the gas quality and quantity. The measured values supported the landfill operator with the project feasibility study of the degassing plant and electricity production. In order to protect the pump station and electric control against the extreme climatic conditions and vandalism, the operator decided on a container construction.
The landfill gas has to be collected, treated and removed under following conditions:

  • Treatment of the gas to supply the generators
  • High temperature combustion of the excess landfill gas
  • Weather protection of the pump station and automatic control
  • Gas analysis CH4 / O2
  • Visualisation of the flare’s operating value
  • Adhereing to the local exhaust emission regulations

The excess landfill gas is combusted in a eco-friendly way in a high temperature flare HOFGAS® - Efficiency 1500.
The pump station HOFGAS®- Ready/C 1500 and the gas analysis system are mounted in a weatherproof, forced-air cooled 20” container. The electric control and the visualisation system are located in an air-conditioned 10” container.
The components have been installed directly in the container and tested at the plant (CH). The plant was delivered ready-for-connection.
Client’s Benefits

  • Increased durability of the equipment thanks to weatherproof container design
  • Reduction in greenhouse gases (proactive environmental protection)
  • High availability of the degassing plant and the gas engines
  • Continuous electric power generation and sales of 2MWh electricity
  • High temperature combustion of the excess landfill gas and meeting the local requirements

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