Contaminated soil remediation - Inverurie


Courtesy of Soilutions Ltd

Remove Contaminated Soil from Residential Gardens & Re-Landscape

Client: MTM Construction

Consultant: WA Fairhurst and Partners

Challenge: Advise on the removal of contaminated material from a residential area built on a former town gas site. Reinstate existing landscaping.

Applied technology: Excavation and removal – backfill with clean material and gas membrane

Remediation criteria: Remove contaminated material as per consultants design.

Validation: WA Fairhurst Ltd

Aberdeenshire Council tested the soil in gardens and surrounding areas of residential dwellings built on a former gaswork site. Results showed hazardous and non hazardous soils, ground water and other liquids.

Soilutions Ltd. acted as advisors to the main contractor providing the knowledge and experience required in the identification, sampling, handling and disposal of hazardous and non hazardous soils, ground water and other liquids arising from the remediation of the area.

Soilutions Ltd. liased with consultants, representatives of Aberdeenshire Council and residents to achieve minimum disruption and complete the work in the minimum timescale permissible.

MTM Construction delivered the project on time and to budget. Inconvenience to residents was less than anticipated and landscaping improved the area.

Length of Project:
Consultation: Four weeks
On Site: Ten weeks

Validation and Monitoring: By Soilutions Ltd

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