Contents: Environmental Law Review - Volume 13 Issue 4 2011


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245 Opinion

  • Implementing Climate Change Policy for Agriculture - What Role for the Law? Christopher Rodgers, Jeremy Franks and Philip Lowe


  • 251 'Good Agricultural Practices' in the Agri-food Supply Chain Alison Burrell
  • 271 European Union Agricultural Policy and Practice The New Challenge of Climate Change Michael Cardwell
  • 296 Good Agricultural Practice in the United States: Conservation and Climate Margaret Rosso Grossman
  • 318 Case Note
  • Responding to Claims of Property Interests on Maritime Public Property Interfering with Environmental Protection Irene Antonopoulos
  • 324 Update - Burges Salmon LLP

Book Reviews

  • 350 Tom Delreux, The EU as International Environmental Negotiator
  • 352 Yann Kerbrat and Sandrine Maljean-Dubois (eds), The Transformation of International Environmental Law
  • 354 Index

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